MVP's for startups

If you're planning to launch a new startup, we can help you following the lean startup methodologies to get your minimal viable product up in a very short time frame, iterate and build a market fit product in less time without wasting much of your resources like time and money. We have built a variety of MVPs for our clients in the past, some of it have become succesful products and some got pivoted.

Technology Consulting and Migration

We have helped people move from one platform to another for better performance or other advantages. We can help with version upgrades and also consult to provide you the best advice on what to do and how to go about building your dream project and eventually making it a business hit. We are not biased to any kind of technology instead we focus more on providing the best solution for our clients.

Web UI and UX Design

We have a small network of UI & UX experts who work with us to provide best quality design for our customers. We also understand that design is how the product works, designing the product to be simple to use is more important than just building it. We usually have plenty of discussions to improve the UX, making all the features very much accessible to users.

API Service and Mashups

We have build api services for mobile apps (both apple and android) that can sync data with cloud. We have also build mashups using 3rd party apis, combining platforms like twitter, Facebook, github and etc to automate something to reduce your manual work. We have helped integrate email, social, documents and other kinds of online data into our clients web application.

Cloud Hosting and Migration

We have experience working with a variety of cloud infrastructure providers -- Amazon AWS, Linode, Rackspace, Heroku, Google CE and more. We can deploy web products and get them up and live in less time. We have also helped a lot of people move from one cloud service provider to another. Moving your code, database and everything to a new place, taking data backups & restoring it. People do that more often for reducing cost or better performance.

Support and Maintenance

After launching the product do you keep tracking its performace? wake up in the middle of night to see if the website is working? Yes, we can help with that. We provide support & monitoring of application 24x7. Fix issues, find bottle necks in the code or database, improve performance by caching and improving code to use less memory. Scale, add additional servers, shards or load balancers when required. All you need to do is, sit back and let us take care of it.

Code reviews and performance tuning

Sometimes code is rushed to production before it's properly reviewed and tested. Other times organizations lack the resources to have someone to perform an independent review of the code. That's where we come in, we can review your code and help improving it. We're aware of a lot of industry standard best practices that we can use to improve your code and eventually the overall performance.

Training and Mentoring

Apart from building amazing softwares we also love teaching people technology. We want to help students and corporate people develop a skill and become an expert in it. We have hosted a few workshops in colleges like MIT, SRM and etc. We experiment a lot of new technologies and tools at work and we want to share eveything we learn with other people in the community.

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