We build seamless web products for Startups, helping in bringing their ideas to life. We design & build Web applications using cutting edge technologies.

We are a Small Startup Located in Chennai, India

We are a bunch of passionated and quality obsessed individuals who love getting their hands dirty playing with cutting edge technologies and providing solutions to challenging problems. We create, advise, and develop technology for startups and SME's. We help build your dreams on cloud, projecting the brand to a global level.

We specialize in Ruby based web development. With more than six years of experience in this industry we are confident that we can improve your productivity and consequently, your profitability. Our clients come to us for repeat work because they value our work and our reliability as a service provider.

Long-term engagements

We value long-term partnerships. A lot of startups and SME's partner with us to get help with technology. We work along with their team just like a CTO with a dedicated team, making sure that their ideas are engineered to products without compromising the quality and solving challenging problems end to end. We understand their expectations clearly and develop the product exactly the way they want it. We become a partner in your success and a support in hardships.

Ruby based Web development

Ruby on rails is one of the most popular development frameworks for regular websites, web tools and mobile apps or combinations of all. We chose Rails because it is easy to mold the framework to suit different business needs more efficiently than other frameworks. We can quickly create working prototypes and launch MVP's, and then see how things work by iterating and building on the idea. There are a lot of plugins (called gems) available which we can use to build the application rather than building everything from scratch.

Rails is developed using the MVC design pattern along with the agile methodology which is well suited for web application development with fast changing requirements. Rails features a convenient testing tool as it automatically starts producing the skeleton test code in background at the time of development. Rails tests can also simulate browser requests and thus you can test your application's response without having to test it over browser.

Rails development is compatible with a wide range of web servers and databases; which ultimately makes the web deployment easier. As it is an open source framework this helps in developing cost-effective web applications without sacrificing performance, speed and quality.

Love for startups

We love startups the most. We understand their ambitious goals, limited resources and constraints. We give them the right amount of flexibility in terms of technology, cost, timeline and work together just like another cofounder of the team. We also have multiple commercial plans to suit different types of clients.

End to End Support

Our services truly cover entire product life cycle. From UI & UX Design to Development to DevOps, our team covers all that you need from your technical partner. Real challenge is when your product goes live, you need a team to support you in managing security, uptime & scalability. Our 24/7 DevOps team provides peace of mind to you and stability to your operations.

Lean Product Development

We practice Lean Product Methodologies where the focus is on creating a minimal version of the product first and talking to customers early on to get feedbacks and iterate on improving the product until it hits a point where people call it market fit.

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